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Have you ever used a Dell computer? If so, you’ll probably never want to miss this unforgetable Dell experience again. Dell is a world-reknown manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware and peripheral devices. At Dell, customers can buy computer technology for domestic use as well as for their professional business needs. With their Alienware product line, Dell’s also a great reputation amongst hardcore gamers from all over the world.

Buying a Dell device is a good idea, if you’re looking for leading edge technology that will be a reliable companion for a long time. Standing out with a superior design and a high quality finish, Dell computer hardware can be a bit pricy at times. While their products are worth every Dollar, why should not you still save a little when shopping with Dell? That’s what we’re here for! At, you can find the latest Dell promo code, coupon or sales promotion exclusively.

So, for you, to purchase high quality computer technology but still make a bargain through Dell discounts and deals, browse our list of Dell promo codes, coupons and sales promotions below and click the offer needed. You’ll be sent right into Dell Australia’s online shop, where you can buy your laptop, PC or other devices and hardware.

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About DELL

Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell at the age of 19, Dell has become one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers and distributors. 1988, within four years only, Dell finalized its initial public offering, increasing market capitalization from USD1,000 to USD85 million at that time. Ever since, the computer manufacturer kept growing and growing. During the last decades, branches in the UK, Ireland, China, South-East Asia and Latin America have been established. Since 1993, Dell has been operating its subsidiary in Australia.

Dell’s achievments and business awards are numerous. From Michael being honored as youngest CEO to lead a company to the Fortune 500 in 1992, to being ranked No. 1 for PCs in the U.S. in 1999, to topping the list of “America’s most Admired Companies” in Fortune Magazine in 2005, to becomming the global storage leader in terabytes sold by 2014 – the success story of this computer manufacturer is unrivalled until today.

Besides all economic achievments, Dell also deserves to be considered a pioneer in recycling computer and electronic parts. Having recovered more than 1.4 billion pounds of used electronics since 2007, Dell calls itself the world’s #1 recycler of e-waste and the first in IT industry to use recycled plastics to make new PCs and displays.

Shopping and saving with DELL Australia

First thing to decide when shopping with Dell is, whether you want to buy

  • Products for home or
  • Products for work.

This differentiation can be a little tricky sometimes, especially when you want to buy a Dell laptop or PC. As a general rule, shop for Home PCs, laptops and accessories if you plan a smaller budget and browse Work products, if you are looking for high-end professional computer technology.

DELL for Home deals

In the Home section, three product categories can be found:

  • Laptops and 2-in-1 PCs
  • Desktops and All-in-Ones
  • Electronics and Accessories

An important decision you need to make when buying a Dell computer is, what is the main purpose, you will use your laptop or PC for? Three product lines are designed to suit different needs of home users:

  • The Inspiron family of laptops and PCs is made for home and home office usage.
  • The XPS series is designed to deliver the ultimate experience with cutting-edge display technology, unique materials and extraordinary build quality.
  • Alienware is best suited for high-performance gaming. Ultra powerful desktops and laptops and a distinctive design guarantee the ultimate gaming experience.

Fortunately, Dell has often certain coupon numbers and deals for their For Home product lines to offer. At our coupon list above, you can find the latest Dell Australia coupon plus ongoing sales promo’s. If you’re still researching the right device, checkout Dell’s deals for home regularly here:

DELL for Business deals

If you are a computer professional, Dell has covered all your needs, too. In the business section, clients can buy

  • Laptops & Ultrabooks
  • Desktops & Workstations
  • Wyse Thin Clients and Software
  • Electronics and Accessories
  • Servers, storage and networking devices
  • Plus additional business solutions and services.

Again, different product lines cover different business needs:

  • The Inspiron line is not only designed for private usage, but for small and home office usage, too.
  • The Vostro family is especially designed for small businesses. Vostro laptops and PCs come with the right balance of business features at a reasonable price.
  • The XPS label again stands for business laptops and PCs powerful features, exceptional materials and a high-class build quality.
  • The most secure and managable business-class desktops go by the name of OptiPlex. That’s a desktop PC series only, designed for reliability and productivity.
  • Dell Precision Workstations can be considered the ultimate product line for professional creators. Precision workstations come with highest performance components and are fully customizable. Some of the most advanced business laptops are called Precision Mobile Workstations.

So, if you are, say, a front-end developer looking for a laptop for front-end development, Dell has you covered perfectly. That’s, of course, true for backend developers, too. Dell’s superlight and powerful laptops suit every need from programmers and IT professionals, web designers, writers, journalists, online marketers, engineers, or architects. Being the serious business woman or man you are, you’ll certainly want to buy high-quality computer technology but for a reasonable price, right? That’s where Dell business deals come into play. At, we show you where to find the best Dell business coupon codes and deals.

Checkout current business deals in our coupon list above. For your convinience, here is your shortcut straight to Dell’s business deals:

How to redeem your coupon code?

Once you’ve found a matching offer or coupon code (sometimes, Dell calls it coupon number or e-coupon) in our deals overview, click the Get Coupon Code button. A small popup dialogue appears and reveals the code. Copy that code to your clipboard and click the Go To Dell Button. This leads you straight to Dell Australia’s online shop with the offer or deal that you’ve picked. If you’ve collected all products and put them in your shopping cart, proceed with checkout as guided by the website. On the last screen before checkout, you will see an input field, asking you to enter your coupon number – see screenshot below. Enter or paste your coupon code into that field and hit Apply Coupon. That’s it. Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy a premium computer or peripheral and still enjoy a discount, sometimes worth hundreds of Dollars!

Dell coupon code

What does think about DELL computers?

As the creator of, I’ve been using a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation since 2015. The exact model is Dell Precision 5510. Ever since, I’m absolutely satisfied with this exceptional business laptop computer. Dell is amongst only a few computer manufacturers, that offer Linux operating systems on selected laptops as an alternative. Being an avid supporter of open source technologies, I bought the Ubuntu Linux edition of the Precision 5510 model. The user experience with Ubuntu Linux does absolutely not rank behind the experience with any other operation system at all. So, from my experience, I can say, that any IT professional who’s seeking a high-performance business laptop running a Linux OS can do nothing wrong with a Dell Precision Mobile Workstation.

Dell Precision showing

With the Precision laptop, I also purchased a Dell thunderbolt docking station. At the beginning, there had been some issues with the data transmission via USB-C / Thunderbolt port. After a few months, Dell actively exchanged the original model with a newer version of that Thunderbolt dock – at their own expenses. Ever since, everything works seamlessly together.

Last but not least there’s a nice side effect when you enter a co-working space or a café with your Dell Precision laptop. Most of the other computer professionals, digital nomads and power users keep on peeping secretly at your beautifully designed computer or even dropping their jaws noticeably for everybody, when they compare their standard Apple Macbooks with your stylish high-end laptop.

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