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weightwatchers Australia promo codeBelieve it or not: About 64 per cent of men and 47 per cent of women in Australia are overweight. This number even has a tendency to rise!

This is not surprising considering what junk food we tend to eat the all day long. Not only does being overweight look bad, but it also bears health risks that are not to be sneezed at!
Dieting unfortunately is not a long-term solution. Half portions, low/no carb, low fat, pills or special drinks – I nearly tried them all (except pills, I don’t trust their impact on my digestion and health). Some of them worked just fine, but nothing showed long-term effects. Until I tried Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers is not a normal diet, it is a plan that helps you change the way you eat and to pay attention on what you eat and if you are getting exercises regularily. But it’s not as hard as it sounds. Weight Watchers works with an easy-to-use point system. Every food has a certain amount of Weight Watcher points and you can eat everything as long as you don’t exceed your points. Fitness and WorkOut gain you more points.

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Losing Weight with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a world wide operating corporation which assists people to lose weight and live a healthy and happy life. Their personalised approach combines healthy eating, excercise and support. By joining Weight Watchers you will step into a program based on three pillars which are referred to as Food, Fit, Feel.

The Food Pillar

These days eating healthy is not always easy. Weight Watchers will teach members to appreciate real food again and create healthy meals. As a basis so-called SmartPoints(TM) takes complex nutrition information and simplifies into one easy-to-use number.

The Fit Pillar

Not a secret at all but too often neglected by many folks is the aspect of sports and fitness when aiming for weight loss. Weight Watchers offers fitness plans and hundreds of online workouts for every fitness level. Not only will it burn fat but getting fit will also lift your mood, prevent disease and help control your appetite. Weight Watchers offers a special fitness points system that helps you to stick with your fitness goals.

The Feel Pillar

Did you know that the happier people are the healthier choices they make? That’s an observation proven by science. At Weight Watchers, folks are striving hard to help you feel good as much of the time as possible. You will learn to put yourself first as it will make sticking to the program easier. Getting enough sleep, stop eating on the run and recognizing hidden fats are just three aspects of life that Weight Watchers takes care of.

Join Weight Watchers

Pick one of the three plans available.
Online Coaching is from about $6.59/week. You can choose between 3-months and 6-months payment options. Being a one hundred percent internt-based product, Online Coaching gives you access to comprehensive online resources that can help you manage your food and exercise. It does not include any hard-copy printed program materials. Charting your progress and seeing your rewards both happens online. This is where you find tools, tips, recipes, and the essentials to stick to the plan. You can also purchase food products and electronics directly from the website. Be aware that program materials cannot be purchased online.

Group Coaching is from about $14.82/week. You pay for your meeting fees one month at a time. With the monthly fee you get unlimited consultation and access to the online weight-loss companion which has interactive tools, tips and recipes that help you stay on track. Group coachings are run by trained Coaches. Get together with like-minded people if you need a motivation boost or have trouble making advice stick. Plus, you can benefit from others’ experiences too.

Just find a meeting that fits your life and schedule. Each meeting lasts some 30-45 minutes and is purely focused on weight loss topics. With Group Coaching you get access to unlimited Group Coaching sessions, confidential weigh-ins, weekly program material, online coaching 7 days a week, access to all online resources, online workouts and FitPoints(TM) tracking tools and more.

1 on 1 Coaching is from about $21.53/week. There are 2 options, Over the Phone and Face to Face. Benefit from all the features of Online Coaching plus have your personal weekly coaching session with your personal coach either over the phone or face to face at time that suits you. There is 24/7 support from Weigth Watchers members via the Connect community, too.

Weight Watchers video footage

Need some visual inspiration? Check out the link to Weight Watchers YouTube channel in the info section or have a glimpse here right now. When do you start your healthier life?

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